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Aspects of Asassination Rogue DPS

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 4:11 pm    Post subject: Aspects of Asassination Rogue DPS  Reply with quote

Heya all! Ok heres a small guide and tips on how to maxiumize your DPS in raids and dungeons alike!!!

Please remember this information is for Assassination Rogue DPS.

Basic Stats Required:

+400 Hit Rating (Medium Hit Cap)
+15 Expertise (Soft cap)
+30% Crit

Ok with Assassination Rogues they require daggers only. This isn't a very hard spec to do rotations in but it does require a large amount of Agility for their DPS. They require their agility to be higher than +1300, so you should be gemming for Agility and Hit to keep you going. The only bad thing about assassination DPS is that they only have a steady DPS (which is good and all) but when it comes to burn phases for a boss fight for more DPS they are unable to raise their DPS due to lack of cooldowns (unlike Combat).

Rotation for Assassination:

Garrote > Hunger For Blood > Slice and Dice > Shiv > Eviserate > Mutilate > 5 Combo Point Envemon; Dump

Mutilate > 5 Combo Point Envemon; Dump

You must keep your Slice and Dice going and Hunger For Blood to keep your dps Maxiumized. Throw in now and then a few 4 point Rupture to keep your Hunger for Blood going. You wont need to keep spamming Slice and Dice due to talents will refresh it for you as long as you use a Finishing Attack (Envemon or Eviserate)

With your gear T8 is considered better because of the 4 set bonus which allows your Rupture to Crit.

Heres a look at a character for Spec and how your gearing for stats should be done.

Khaz'Goroth - Calfura: Assassintion Rogue: +5000 Dps: GearScore +4600

I also like to say that each Class within World of Warcraft has its strengths and weakness and none should be considered Cheating for Dpsing, because all classes basically spam a small amount of spells/abilities to dps making all classes the same.

Calfura says, "Look over there! Whats that?"
Ramdom says, "Whe-"
Calfura says, "Poor guy... Getting backstabbed before he died... Oh well!"

Oath of Blood Server owner
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